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Originally Posted by HeatherFeather
IThen it says every odd row, do I no longer have to ssk since it's not in this set of instructions????
No, you DO need to do the ssk (this is row 1 in the directions). This will make the decrease even more prounounced as you are now doing it every row.
and when I am finished with these steps I should have
either 16 or 18 stitches on my needles depending on the size????
No, you don't do the ssk. Because if you're starting with 30/32 sts and dec 2 sts (ssk and k2tog) for 14 times you'd end up with 2 or 4 sts. Do only the k2tog - the instructions plainly say to knit the row until the last 3 sts.


ETA: Also, you won't be doing the decrease on every row, just on the odd numbered rows; continue to purl on the even rows.
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