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spinning bunny hair and charging for spinning - couple ?'s
hey all!

i know bunny hair is spinnable because of angora, but a knitter acquaintence has 2 stuffed full gallon-size ziploc bags from her jersey wooley rabbit, brushed him every single night for the 9 years he was alive, and would now like it spun. i am still a very new spinner, have had a wheel/spindle for several months, but my wheel class isn't until this month so i haven't gotten past just regular wool yet really because i'm challenged by soft things. anyone know if this will be spinnable? I don't think the staple lengh is quite as long as an angora rabbit, but it looks long enough to me at first glance with what little knowledge i have. definitely longer than cotton. i am sure it will need carding/combing, though. my instinct is definitely spinnable, but wondering if anyone has experience with this specifically.

the other question is, she wants to pay me... i have no clue what to charge... i don't want to charge a lot because she seems like a nice lady and i have a feeling it's going to be fun to spin and good experience, but I also know I hate carding and it's going to require quite a bit unless I can find someone with a drum carder maybe...

thoughts? thanks everyone!
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