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Grafting the Toe
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Re: Experienced sock knitters.. help please?
Originally Posted by Silver
Would anyone volunteer to proof read my new sock knitting tutorial? The first draft is ready and I need an unbiased eye to read through and make sure it all makes sense and that I didn't forget anything important. My mind can easily turn to mush when I'm editing photos and writing the HTML page all while trying to write the tutorial, you know?

I'd like a few different people to read it, but you need to be experienced enough to be able to see if I've missed something important. This is my two toe-up socks on a magic loop tutorial.

Hopefully I can get it online this week sometime, and your help would be SOOOOO appreciated!
I wouldn't call myself exceptionally experienced, but I am almost done with my third pair of socks.

I would love to read through the instructions, follow along, since I just bought long cables JUST for this reason, and provide feedback.

PM me if you want.

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