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I'm working with some kids (read "juvenile delinquents") teaching them how to knit. We are going to start making scarves for the local homeless shelter.

By the time we get them done it'll be summer, which can get about 115 degrees for weeks at a time, but hey, they can keep them til next winter right.

My kids are really excited about doing it, which is cool to see 'cause about the only thing they usually get excited about it who just went to juvie and why.

They also want to learn to knit benies, so we'll probably make some for them, and some for premies, or again the local homeless shelter.

Right now I've got three boys and a few more who want to join. One boy last week made the amazing discovery that knitting calms him down. He stated "If this keeps making me so sleepy when I do it, I might not have to take my ADD meds anymore." Funny, but I advised him not to stop his meds.

It's great to see kids who've spent significant time in juvenile hall, for pretty serious law offenses, and who are "hard" getting all excited about knitting for others.
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