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Jordana Paige Bags - opinions?
I keep being overcome with lust for the Jordana Paige Knitter's Satchel. Before this, I lusted after the Messenger Bag... so obviously I have a problem with staying true to one bag design. I don't actually have either, and I don't actually need either, and they're expensive...

... but anyway, if anyone has any comments to make about the bags, I'd love to hear them... to help me with my decision-making process. I haven't seen the Satchel in person - saw the Namaste version at Wool & Co. this weekend and wasn't really impressed, so if you have experience with both and can compare them, so much the better. Also, are they comfortable to carry? Do the materials hold up (I've seen used bags posted for sale and they seem to rip inside a bunch...)?

Thanks in advance!

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