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yeah it is the bag that is no longer made. ...and i love that bag.

anyway i have the messenger bag in the pink tweed and i love it BUT i did have a problem with the bag tearing at the seams. it still works well for when i have a lot of stuff to carry (and i mean A LOT!) but the fact that it tore like that in less than a year of use bothers me. I also found the strap peeled a little bit but it isn't noticable where it happened, i only know because i had to take it off of there.

I did fit a lot of stuff in there... i was able to tote around baby blankets i was working on even (yeah that could have been the tearing problem and like to blame it on that so i don't have to worry that it is the construction) and i do still use it when i need to... but sadly, i would not buy another style of THIS bag from her. I am not opposed to NEW styles from her though.
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