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Originally Posted by KnitClickChick
Organized? Well, I have a whole bunch I printed out and "organized" into the back flap of my favorite knitting book. Then I have more "organized" in a big stack on my desk. I have even more "organized" on my computer in pdf when my printer ran out of ink. Organized? Sure, I'm organized!
I've got a pile "organized" on the nightstand next to my bed, half on, and half off on the floor. I've got another pile "organized" on the back of the potty, part of which has also "organized" its way into the stack of magazines I've got "organized" next to the potty. I've got a few "organized" right here in the paper tray of the printer, until they "organize" their way onto the floor, and a few more "organized" next to my chair in the TV room. Basically, I've got stuff of every imaginable sort "organized" all over the place.

yup, I'm an "organized" kinda gal!
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