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portugese knitting is a version of Eastern Knitting... (vs Western or european knitting)

Eastern knitting found in east (near and mid east, and parts of far east)

it moved from east to Spain and iberian pennisula, and from there to South america, and from spain/portugal to far east (parts of japan, china, philipeans)

in also moved north --and were cultures meet/clash, it gave rise to Eastern Uncrossed, (aka Combination or COMBO) knitting.

european knitting can be 'continetal" or English.

bottom line really is, there are many ways to knit. and many different tools. portugese knitting uses DPN's -(cause is almost always done in round, not flat) and the DPN's OFTEN but not always have hooks (crochet like hooks) on one end.

its often (but not always) worked in purl stitch (vs Knit stitch for european knitting in round)

once completed--it is virtually impossible to tell how the knitting was worked. (all knitting looks the same.. only the process of creating the fabric is different.

many (but again not all) eastern knitters "tension" the yarn by bringing it above the work (either round a button or pin at neckline, or by bringing it round the neck) and do not wrap it round their fingers/hands in any way.

and many 'make' stitches using their thumb, not index finger.

(i can do this, but i am not skillful at it, and don't work at becoming skillful--so i don't do it often)

there is another video, Knitting the Wong way--about eastern knitting as done in far east.. (that video is for sale)

some members of the knitting police will tell you "this is the CORRECT WAY TO KNIT" and then demonstrate the only style they know.

the CORRECT WAY TO KNIT is the way that gives you the desired outcome! there is NO ONE CORRECT WAY TO KNIT.

there is lots of info on Eastern and combo knitting on line.. you can read as much or as little as you want.

I am a combo knitter.. and never met anyone who knit like me, till i met a Sephardic Jewish woman--who knit eastern style!
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