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glad i was able to help...

as for cast on's.. there are many many cast ons.
and more names for cast ons than there actual cast ons!
long tail is also called:
double cast on
(that is just the basic long tail!)

if you think about it, you cast on (once) then knit rows and rows.. and bind off (several) are basicly the same ..

if you learned to knit, (and then didn't for a while) you might remember how to knit (after all you did rows and rows of knitting) but you might forget how to how to cast on!

if you worked at remembering, and messed it up (only not quite..) and could get something like what you remembered.. chances are you 'invented' a new cast on!

even if you got it right, you might not remember what it was called... and so cast on's get names..
language plays a part too, some names are regional..

In US there is a pastry--"the danish"--in denmark, its called an austrian pastry, in austria.. its Turk .
in english strange things are said to be "greek to me", in greece, they are "like hewbrew" (in hewbrew, the are Like Chinese.... (and no doubt the chinese define strange stuff as like.... (english?)!

that is what makes learning cast ons fun.. there is always a new one round the corner..
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