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OT - I really need to vent
I'm sooo worked up today. Last night I got a letter from the MI Dept of Treasury saying they are reviewing my 2006 homestead tax credit. Fine, no big deal. I understand the need to review it since my house was foreclosed on in November. So I call the bank, which I've had MAJOR issues with before, to try and get the proper paperwork. After they bounce me around to probably 10 other people I am told that a)they can't give me the paperwork, what I need is a sheriff's deed from the county and b)I'm not even supposed to eligible for the homestead credit. Which I know has to be total BS!!! So now I have to call the lady who did my taxes and confirm everything with her. If I can get the credit I am calling the Dept of Treasury and reporting my bank for not cooperating with these tax matters.

*deep breaths*

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