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Re: Stretch of a cotton cardigan?
Originally Posted by Ri
I'm knitting a cardigan that buttons down the front out of 100% cotton fingerweight yarn, and I want to know how much it will stretch so I can make my calculations. The pattern says to knit everything 2 inches smaller than your dimensions, but I'm kind of busty and worried that it will gape around the buttons. I want to be able to wear small tees under it, and I still want it to be somewhat fitted. Right now I have it calculated so that everything is 1 inch bigger than I am. Will that stretch too much? Any suggestions for washing and blocking?
Pattern: Glamour Knits by Erika Knight, Chinoiserie Cardigan
Yarn: 100% cotton Softball from Valley Knits
Gauge: 26sts/28rows=4in
Did you do a guage swatch? It is really difficult to anticipate how much something is going to stretch. It often depends on the stitches used and what not. If it said to do 2 in bigger and you were worried it would be big, then I think you are okay with what you did. Better to have it come out a little small, which you can fix with blocking.
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