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To Amy: Thanks for taking the time to de-code the 'code talk' for us!
I had figured some of them out just by the way in which they were being used...but never realllly knew what most of them were all about!


PS: Can this Forum can be upgraded to allow a viewer to jump directly to a particular page of a thread. For example, say I need to look at page 35 of Year of the Stash 2007 in KnitAlongs. How can I navigate to page 35 without having to go forwards through pages 1-34? (Or backwards from the final page 52 to page 35!)

We have certain Posts that we would like to direct our viewers to...located on a certain page...and it is very time consuming and discouraging to mooch through all the pages that preceed the 'destination' page!

Can we add a search link? I have visited other websites that include a search box to allow a page number to be directly located. I think Ebay yarn shops have that feature.

Thanks in advance for any thought that you give to my question!

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