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Originally Posted by suzeeq
Aren't you supposed to be knitting on 10 stitches? I count 20.

Yes, there is 20 .... the original count was 100 st .... then after all the knitting was done, it said to set up round
*K10, place blue marker, K30, place blue marker, K10, repeat from*
A red marker marked the beginning of my round ...

Then for the decrease:
*K10, slip marker, slip two st as if to know one at a time, insert LH needle into front of sts from L to R and knit these two sts together (ssk). Knit to 2 sts before next marker, K2tog, K10, then repeat from*. Continue until there are 10 sts between each marker.

Bind off round
K10, BO 40 sts.

So I knit my 10, then I bound off my 40 but somehow I had 20 left ... 10 to each side of my red (start of round) marker ....

Then it says "begin flat garter stitch knitting, knit 10 ridges (20 rows)
Loosely bind off these 20 sts.

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