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There are my LA knitters! I'm a Cajun girl by birth...a little south of New Orleans (think Thibodaux/NSU area), but it's all family to me

Last year I moved up to St. Louis, MO....startling how similair it is to downtown N.O.! I feel right at home up here, but true 'home' will always be the bayou for me

Anyway...nice to hear the knitting community is alive in the area...what are you working on?...Right now I'm in the middle of a GORGEOUS Kenobi jacket/cardi from this month's KnitScene. Paton's classic merino in dark grey mix....frickin yum!

Also got a couple of random side projects, as always....a freestyle tote in a couple of different Spring-colored Peaches & Creams....and other things that will probably never make it to FO status
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