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oo im organizing somthing... thats scary - thank you for posting in the other forum leike.

What i will do is start the blanket off on a long cabled circular needle (not sur how many stitches yet) and knit probably about 3 inches, i will then post my knitted bit still on the needles to the next person, this person then just picks up where i left off with their own yarn, adds their 3 inches and then passes it on to the next person still on the needles.
It can be any yarn and doesnt have to be anything fancy. Probably just garter stitch will do or seed stitch. The colours dont have to match and the yarns dont have to be expensie, the main thing is that it grows in to a bg comfortable crazy blanket made with love to be given to charity.

If you PM me with your adresses then i will distribute them when we start to the apropriate people.

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