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Michael's Knitting Classes~
Well I went to hobby lobby ( my local hangout) and got into YET ANOTHER knitter conversation. I saw a lady there who was cleaning out the bernat cotton tots (like me) and I asked what she was making. Well after she told me I asked her about michaels. That is where I took my 1st( and 2nd) kniting class. Well last Saturday they had class for intermediate knititng ( striping, some simple cables et) and they had sock class for that sunday. Well, I mosyed on up to the counter and asked the clerk about both classes.. they said noone had signed up and they were closed. THIS LADY said NOPE I was the only ONE in the class but MIchaels store policy states that as long as one person wants to leaarn the teacher comes.. Now I have never been paid to teach kniting ( those who have.. may have some input here ) but I WAS LITTLE MIFFED B/C I THINK THE CLERKS LIED TO ME~!! Now I dont know if it was ignorance or attitude but I coulda been taking the sock class last Sunday~!!
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