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Originally Posted by jeanius80
i sew (on occasion ), and to achieve that look with fabric, you take a tube of fabric and add a gatering thread to the top, pull the thread to gather the top edge until it is the desired size, then you would sew the gathered edge to the structured top, creating a flowing, gently gathered bottom. the wider your tube, the more ruffly your end product. soooo, (tmi??) i would think the same principle would work with knitting. and i agree, a lighter wieght yarn with a soft drape would be best. i would think the best way to do this in the round or in one piece would be to do the increases as quick as possible, otherwise you would just end up with an a-line shape, as opposed to actual ruffling.
Thank you. As I was swatching, I was beginning to wonder if this was going to be possible with hand knit fabric. Essentially, I'm trying to create one of my favorite sweaters. It's all worn out. :( I was looking through Spring Interweave Knits at this piece:

and the increase is by 8 or 9 inches from under bust to bottom, plus the bust is done in ribbing which pulls in while the part underneath is done in lace, which fans out. And there's still no ruffling. I mean, have any of you ever seen a handknit piece that has the ruffling I'm talking about? Maybe it's not very doable. I don't know, with the gathering, it might be possible.

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