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Originally Posted by marykz
have you looked at the construction of knitty's monica? it is a two piece ruffle- the bottom layer is flat. then you knit up a piece twice as wide, K2tog across , the use the 3 needle technique to sew the two pieces together. Might that work upside down for what you are looking for? i.e. knit from the top down, knit the ruffle bottom up, then 3 needle together?

Hmmm I'm not sure if that would work....
That may work. Thanks for the link. After all this, though, I'm thinking I don't really want to knit a piece that is twice as wide as me for any length of time, esp since I'm not sure how good it will look (read question "will it look like a ruffled tent?") so I may just have to go on the hunt for another store-bought sweater.

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