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Hi everyone I'm Michelle, thanks to five_six for inviting me to say hi.

I'm from Melbourne, 34yo SAHM to a 5yo. I haven't knitted in about 24 years, since I was a lot younger and used to stay with my Nan on school holidays. We used to knit together. She was my savior and did all the hard stuff for me like casting on and off, fixing mistakes etc. Good old Nan to the rescue but since she is no longer here it's all up to me but I've been learning well with the help of the Internet videos !!! I saw some feathers int he shops recently and decided how nice it would be to make my DD a scarf so my knitting venture has re-commenced from there.

Since I have started this knitting craze I have remembered the time we packed up my Nan's house when she went into a Nursing Home. There was a huge bag of needles, hooks etc. and an even bigger one of yarn. As she no longer knitted at that point and it was certainly something that didn't interest me back then, it all got sent to the Op Shop :crying: So whilst I am out buying needles I can't help but wish I had all hers. They are cheap enough to buy, it's not that, more how cool would it be to be using Needles that belonged to your Nan .. imagine the history

Anyway looking forward to getting more involved in knitting and getting to know some others.
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