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organized my stash!
It's such a good feeling! I have two of these full of yarn now. They weren't being used so I put them in an unused corner of my bedroom and got organized. (It was so nice just to pet all that wonderful sock yarn again) Then I went through all my UFOs, noted the needles that were in them, took some of the needles out and frogged the project or took the needles out and put in stich holders. I've got a hard copy of all needle brands and sizes, both US and mm. All my patterns were put into those plastic sleeve thingys and then in 3 ring binders. I also cleared a shelf in the bedroom and put all my keeper UFOs on there so I can SEE what I have to finish. They're in ziplock bags right now-ugly to be sure, but I plan on seeing what I can find to replace those. My DH doesn't get it, he can't understand why it's such a big deal to me so I thought I'd share my good news with all of you. People who WILL understand.

Another thing. Does the model on the front of Vogue Knitting spring/summer look as if she's doing her monthly breast exam to any one else?

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