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Congratulations on you Stash Organizing skills~!
I kinda did a stash reorganizing this last week. I bought a LOT of summer wt cotton blend yarn from my LYS online ( it stll hasn't gottne here yet )but anyway I gave some to may pals, some will go to my yarnee, and some is in the miscleaneous bin~!
Now I KNOW what I have and don't have so.. I can organize by summer and winter wt. BTW: I shared this info with a male at work b/c I said you don't want to be working with bulky wt wool/acrlyic in the 95 degree summertime and I said I am soooo glad I got my stash reorganized.. He just looked at me funny for a minute and laughed and said "" well it is SOOO important to know what it's in your stash.. syou wouldn't want to grab the wrong ball of yarn in the summer~! and I said YEP .. EXACTLY
and for him it was

Non Knitters/ Yarn addicts JUST DONT UNDESTAND~!!
2 Knit or 2 Crochet~~ I am torn between 2 lovers !
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