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Gotta Do Some Bragging....
And, I imagine ya'll know who I'm bragging about, too!
Okay, 1st of all, Lonnie knows that I've started collecting vintage yarn/wool holders (Amy [horve1] gave me my 1st one: for my bday). And he watches them and looks for them as much as I! Well, he had bit on this one: and we happened to be on the phone together when the auction was ending and we lost in the very last few seconds...oh, I had not known he had bid on this until I saw it on Ebay after he had bid on it! Well, we lost, then we saw a gorgeous one that had a minute left and we won this: All bc he was surprising me with the 1st choice and we ended up with the 2nd (Amy has one like this, but i believe her's is a cream color.). if that weren't enough, I heard the mailman and saw a package on the steps, opened it and saw this: ...he had seen me reading it at one of the yarn shops where we stopped in St Augustine...I've said it before and i say it a
gain...I have the very best husband in the world
LOL, it's 3a.m. and I can't sleep for a few reasons and so I decided to do a little bragging on my Honey!
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