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Originally Posted by VictoiseC
Um, did I miss it... I don't see the required yardage/yarn for this shawl at the instructions. I'm trying to figure out if I have enough yarn somewhere for this....
Vic and Amber--no, you didn't miss it. There is no listing for total yarn requirements in this pattern, nor are there dimensions listed for the finished shawl. I'm guessing what happened is that only a sample was knit for the purposes of providing a picture for the pattern, so nobody knows how much yarn would actually be needed, and since there are no finished dimensions of a full-size shawl given, it's nearly impossible to try to figure out how much you'd need.

Conti said he's using 5 hanks of WOTA bulky (which is 685 yds.). I was planning on initially buying around 550 yards or so of yarn for this project, if either of those numbers help anybody with regards to yardage.

Amber, the pattern I'm using is located here:

and there are corrections for rows 19 and 20 listed here at this site:
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