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Need Yarn substitution help. Please??
I'm going to make that afghan in the Cables Untangled book, the beeeeyouteeeefullllll one. The annoying part is the 26 hanks of classic elite montera that they call for, (4-heavy worseted weight; 50% llama/50%wool; ea approx 3.5 oz/100g) it's at least $10.00 a skein!! If my math is right, that's $260.00 No way in heck I can afford that, ever!

So I was looking on the Elann website for a substitution last night and found this yarn but it's only 1.75 oz. so that would mean I'd have to by double the amount of yarn, right? I am so not good with this substitution business.

Then I thought about using some cheapy yarn, but then I thought, it's such a gorgeous blanket, how can I do that to it?

Anyone have any ideas??
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