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Originally Posted by Hildegard_von_Knittin
I was going to suggest Encore too.

The thing is, since it's an afghan, you don't NEED to be spot on gauge. Just use needles that are appropriate for whatever yarn you choose, and know that it might come out different than the given demensions... but since it doesn't have to "fit" that doesn't matter.

You might try yarndex to find other substitutions, too.
See, I normally wouldn't care about the different yarn or what kind of yarn, but since it's a cabled afghan there are certain panels that do need to match the length of the other panels.

Here's a picture.

See how the long narrow strips are matching up with the 2 other pannels?? I suppose I could maybe try to knit it up like the log cabin blanket by picking up the sts, but that thing is huge and I would really rather do it in sections rather than carry that big thing around with me.
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