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Originally Posted by Mommy22alyns
What a stash! And I absolutely love the colorway of the scarf in the pic at the top of your blog. What is that?
I can't remember the brand. I'll check it out when I get home and post it. It is soooo super soft, I love it. I'll try to get a close up picutre so you can see the different textures. I'm really going to have to go get some more some day.

Originally Posted by Chel
*sneaks in and steals some*

WHAT? She'll never notice!!!!!!

I need a yarn bandit emoticon!!!!
A yarn bandit emoticon...That would be awesome!!!

Originally Posted by cawthraven

Letah, you need to go out and buy more yarn PRONTO!
Don't tempte me! You know, I also have about 5 bags with yarn in it hidden in my closet. I organized my stash so I could get rid of all the stuff I won't use. The stuff I bought when i was learning how to knit. My tastes have really changed in the past 3 years. My neighbor and one of her friends are just learning how to knit, and don't have much disposable income. So I'm going to bag up all the "old" stuff, and let they pick everything they want.

Hi, my name is Letah, I am a yarnaholic. I've been trying not to buy yarn for 2 weeks now.

(everyone at KH says in unison) "Hi Letah, why are your trying not to buy yarn?!?" (crowd begins yelling)"Knitpicks,, smileysyarn, elaan, ramswool, NORO, MMMMMMMMM"
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