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well, I know I have a reaction to lanolin, my boyfriend uses it for his skin and has to stay away if he just applied it. I did understand my initial reaction, because this is untreated wool. What I didn't understand was my reaction going away (becoming less) after the dyeing. What you say makes a lot of sense. The wet yarn doesn't make me itch (soaked in vinegar) but the dry yarn starts to itch after a few minutes. I did wash the yarn after the dyeing, so the vinegar can't help me on the dry yarn. What you say makes sense, because I do get a reaction, it only takes a bit longer. Plus, handling the yarn more makes the reaction come sooner, so I think you are right about the microscopic bits and I think handling make them hurt my hands again. I was just curious. Not that I had the slightest bit of hope that I would be able to knit with wool. I've given up on that years ago. (I actually started knitting because of my woolallergy)
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