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The crochet hook idea doesn't make the cast off looser, just more even and less distorted (unless you use a lerger hook to knit with, then it does both).
This might be clearer for the EZ one, if you want to try it out - maybe on a swatch?
Hold the needle with stitches in your left hand like normal. Cut off the right length of wool from your ball and put it on a tapestry/wool needle.

Look at the first two stitches on your knitting needle (with the tail coming off that end going to the sewing needle). Put the sewing needle through those two loops, coming from the right hand end (the point of the knitting needle), through those 2 stitches: first the stitch on the end of the knitting needle, then the one after it.

Now go back in the other direction through the first stitch only (the one closest to the end of the needle). That's left to right. Drop that stitch off the knitting needle.

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