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place marker at beginning of row?
Hi - so, I'm working on a robe, which is knitting in rectangular panels (1 back piece, 2 front panels, 2 arm pieces), then seamed together. currently, i'm working on the back panel knitting on straight needles (not in the round), which says:

- knit for 20 inches
- place a marker at the beginning and end of the row
- knit the remaining 8 inches

I'm confused about placing the marker at the beg and end of the row. I'm assuming that the place markers aren't kept on the needle and slipped as I finish the remaining 8 inches (otherwise, whats the point of having them?) and I'm assuming that I'm just marking the row so that when I attach the front to the back of the robe, I can match up the place markers at the armhole (similar to the notches used in sewing). Is this right? or am I completely off? and if this is correct, how do I put the place marker on the row and keep it there without having it permanently knitted into my robe? can i just use a little tiny string tied around the knit loop on each end of the robe?

many thanks to anyone who can give a little guidance!
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