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i have the kp options set and i have solved 2 of the most common problems.

1. cables not short enough.
buy the longer ones (very cheap) and knit with magic loop. or use 2 circs to knit in the round. (it really is very easy, and i have not had ladders yet where i switch from needle to needle, or loop to loop.

2. needles get mixed up b/c the sizes are not stamped on the needles tips.

buy the 'view sizer' and you can measure your needle tips easily. it's very cheap, and it actually is very specific and measures the difference between a size 1 needle that is 2.25 vs. a size 1 needle that is 2.5 mm OR size 2 needle that is 2.75 mm and a size 2 that is 3.00 mm. they also have a slot to measure the diff between sizes 10, 10-1/2 and 10-3/4. for 1.99, i don't think it can be beat. to top that off, the area where you count stitches in the 4 inch ruler area has a magnifier to help count the stitches.

i love love love my kp options!
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