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How to make up?
I am a new knitter - I am currently recovering from a broken wrist and it is good thumb therapy!! I have fallen in love with knitting, and am hoping you fellow knitters can help me..
I am making a childs cardigan - its my first clothing item (all family and friends now have a scarf ), and the making up instructions have stopped me in my tracks!
They say
'place markers along row-end edges 3cm below cast-off edge to denote top of sleeve seam'
'join shoulder seams, join side seams, join sleeve seams below markers. Insert sleeves. matching markers to top of side seams'
What are markers and how should I place them? What stitch should I use to join the seams?
It had all been going so well!!! Hope that it all makes sense to someone, as it doesn't to me
Thank you!
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