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Im in the UK at the moment, but am moving over your way at the end of the year. My mum lives in Manly (just north of Sydney) and i will be spending a couple of months there before moving down to Canberra in Feb to go to uni. People keep saying 'you won't be able to knit over there, its too hot' and i have to keep reminding them that, depending on where you are its not hot aaaal the time, and besides there are lightweihgt things you can knit.

Its just nice to see there are some people to back me up on this!

and to those who are based in or are visiting Brisbane, i absolutely love that city,i spent a little bit of time there last year, and im sure i saw a yarn shop in one of the suburbs. Il will rack my brain and try and remember where (or just give in and txt my mate, admit my new found knitting addiction, and see if he can dig it out!)

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