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In my honest opinion i think you are over reacting.
Ig in every other way she is a good kid,but it is just a question of her manners and her respect then you should make sure that you don't end up treating her like a bad kid.

Certainly you have to do somthing but you have to make sure the punishment fits the crime. If she had been drinking, staying out all the time, skipping school etc, then certainly, grounding removal of cell phone etc is warented, but in a case where it is just and issue of respect (and please dont think the 'just' meen i am miinimilising the issue of respect becaus i dont meen to) then perhaps you have to start showing her what the effects of disrespect are.

For example i whent through a phase of being disrespectful with my fammily (as do all teenagers lets face it) she grounded me, took away my tv, talked to me shouted at me all sorts. But only when she quitee deliberatly stopped showing me respect did it get though. I was not grounded for a time, and during that tme, if i asked for somthing i would get a rude answer, my dinner might not always be cooked for me, anything i did got no acknowledgment and so on. At first i could ignore it, but after a short while i realised how horrible it was to be treated in such a way and apologised to my mum and got my act together.

Praise your daughter for the areas she is good in (i.e. schhol, and soccer) but don't give her ANYTHING when it comes to her attitude. dont be angry, dont be sad dont ignore it just dont give her the respect she hasnt earnt.

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