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If you're getting tingling, I'd advise going to the doctor. It might just be tendonitis, but it might be Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and the sooner you catch it the better. I had tingling and the beginnings of numbness...most of my problems are going away. He did prescribe an anti-inflammatory (that I keep forgetting to take ) and gave me different braces and told me to check out an ergonomic website. He said it's probably tendonitis, but to be careful. I do have soreness in my left elbow, and touching that area tends to make the pain in my left wrist/hand flare up.

Anyway, good luck!

Definitely make sure to stretch, take it easy on the knitting and computer use, and find out how to make sure your computer is set up in a good way for your body.

Am famoos!

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