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Help!!! Sleeves too long!
I finally finished the "I Do" shrug from knitty (, and it's gorgeous. I made it in the smallest size.

HOWEVER. I'm wearing it today and it feels too loose, and the sleeves or back portion feel too long. I blocked it after knitting, but I had measured the armspan I needed (about 5 feet) and made sure that it was blocked to that size and not larger. I think i stretched the back portion out too much and that's why it's loose.

My question is, should I block it again and try to make the back portion smaller? Or should I (gasp!) soak it in warm/hot water for a few minutes to see if that'll bring the size down? I used a merino/silk/cashmere blend, and the yarn is gorgeous, so I don't want to mess around with it too much but if it needs to shrink, it needs to shrink.

OR, the two sleeve pieces are joined in a kitchener stitch seam down the back of the shrug. Is there a way to reduce the size from there? Since it's a lace pattern, I'm afraid to take it apart and not be able to get it back on needles without dropping stitches.

Thanks in advance!
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