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Originally Posted by tilllie
Spunds like a good idea to me. I knit for Project Linus which has a national headquarters as well as local chapters. Good luck!!
Project Linus is a wonderful charity. I used to work in an emergency shelter for neglected and abused children, and we had a CLOSETFUL of blankets from Project Linus to hand out to each new arrival.

This isn't really a charity, but if you live in a cold area, people can call their local Head Start office and ask if mittens and hats are needed. I also used to be a Head Start teacher in western NY state and can tell you first-hand that lots of times the children came to school without hats and mittens. I used to stock up on hats and mittens from the dollar store, but I didn't know how to knit then. These would be for ages 2.8 through 5 years old.
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