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Originally Posted by knitwit628
I'm not sure if I'm going to join but was just wondering.... is the blanket knit on circular needles and how many stitches? also, is it straight garter stitch all the way through? and is the yarn just passed along to us or do we have to buy it ourselves? Thanks!
Yes it is knit on circular needles , it is 300 stitches. You can use what ever stitch you would like. So far on the 1st blanket it has mostly been garter stitch. We are providing our own yarn, but I believe Sandy has offered yarn from her charity yarn stash to anyone who wants to help and doesn't have the yarn. You might want to double check with her on that though.

Sandy I am also willing to do more than one section if need be. My stash could use a little more thinning.

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