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why do I get a ridge?
I am stumped, I made my sons sweater in the round and where I was to inc I made them slant towards the edge. For the body I had to inc every 16 rows. The edge is nice and smooth and I have no ridge. Now I have done the sleeves over and over and I keep getting this ridge all the way up the sleeve just on the inc edge. I made the sleeves in the round too. At first I thought it was because I was making the join too loose or too tight. I used magic loop until I had enough sts on the needle to switch to knitting in the round the regular way. Then I thought maybe my incs were too tight or too loose but that does not seem to be it. It looks like one stitch is raised all the way up until I stop increasing. I looks like it is the right half of the first st and the left half of the last stitch.

What's up with that? The last time I made the sleeves I knit them flat and did the inc one st in from the edge and when I sewed it tog it looked great.

Should I knit one st then inc, knit to last st, inc, then knit the last st?

Would that take care of the ridge? Is it because they are slanting towards each other and then the edges rise?

What should I do? I have ripped them apart too many times and I am getting frusturated.
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