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Charity Yarn
I love to knit. I especially love to knit for others. I have been knitting for over a year now and currently do not own anything I have knit. Over half of my work goes to the following charities and the other stuff usually go to family or friends whoever happens to be in need or someone not feeling so well.Most of the yarn I use is given by family and freinds or discounted really low. I currently have a low supply.If anyone has any extra yarn they are NOT using it would be greatly appreciated. Red Heart, anything will do. It is going for a good cause and all yarn donated will be used ONLY for the charities. If you would like to help email me at or leave me a message here.
I will even trade some knitting needles for unwanted yarn. I went on ebay and got about 20 pairs for $15.00 Half duplicates. Not the best and plastic. If anyone needs them just email me also. I will give those away if someone anyone knows needs them. I have about 8 pairs.
Kelly Carr
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