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I need some red cotton...
I knit my mom a scarf a while ago, nothing fancy. I made it out of Patons Divine and Brilliant and she just sent me a check for $100!

So of course I am looking to buy some more yarn but I am trying to be good and buy yarn for actual projects. My next one is two apple (http://lilknitofthisandthat.blogspot...-surprise.html) washcloths for my daughters teachers but I am having one heck of a time finding a nice red cotton. Knitpicks has Cotlin which would be great but the Moroccan Red that I want will not be in until May 31 and that is cutting it too close.

I have looked all over for the red and for some reason it is evading me. I checked out WEBS, Smiley's, Little Knits and for some reason if there are cottons, they are more of a salmony type of color, not the apple red I am looking for.

I went into a LYS that I just found (about 45-60 min. drive) and look all around there and was ignored by the older ladies there. I think that even if I would have found the perfect red cotton, I still would have walked out with nothing.

Anyone know of a good red cotton that would work for washcloths?
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