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Originally Posted by MaryB
I meant to send the yarn lable with the shawl. It is Uruguay DK from Queensland Collection. It is merino wool, alpaca and silk.

I do not need the needles returned to me. It was a spare set that I had in my stash. The circular needle is only 29" long-----most likely not long enough for the later parts of the shawl.

This is such a great idea. Thanks, Sandy for getting us started!
OK then, we will keep the needles with the shawl, and then when the shawl is finished, we'll immediately start ANOTHER shawl with the same needles!

The needles should be long enough, even when the shawl gets wide. The stitches should fit on a 29" circular with no problem at all. We're using a 29" circular for our Oddball Blankets, and those things are 60 inches wide!
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