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The swap was so much fun - I met the nicest people through the swap. The person that sent me yarn lives in California and I am hoping that she come to NY to visit one of these days. The person that I sent yarn to lives just ouside of Amsterdam and since I will be going there in September I know that I will get to meet her then. Since she is from NY too originally I am already starting to think about what suprises I can bring her.. (bagels!)

With that said what does everyone think of doing another swap soon but this time it is 2 packages - one with suprise yarn and then a month or 2 later we would send a second one where we actually make something to send to our swapper? It could be something as simple as a scarf or a bag like the booga bag.

I would even be willing to coordinate if Kblue did not want to do it again....

Please let me know your thoughts and if anyone would be interested.

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