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Originally Posted by katiebug081504
So, how does this work exactly? Do we have a wish list...or does the person just send whatever. I'm new to a lot of this stuff.
we answered a questionare, likes, dislikes, outside of knitting hobbies. some of us also created an anonymous email accunts to email our reciever. teasing or getting more info on what they like.
each person who signed up chose a price range they were comfortable spending in and we had a loose 'deadline' to ship by. most of the swappers included little gifts like stitch markers and patterns. somtimes tasty treats like chocolate. these were in addition to the cost of the yarn. shipping was also not included in the price range chosen.
it was alot of fun shopping for someone else. kblue did a great job matching up people with other who seemed to have similar tastes. that was neat!
overall, this was a great experience! it also allows you to maybe buy and check out yarns you wouldn't have other wise chosen. the nice thing about the oe time swap with no real deadline was that it gave you more wiggle room for ordering yarn online istead of a LYS purchase, wich can sometimes let you get more yarn for your money for your reciever.... more yarn is alway great
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