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Needles for a beginner
Hi Everyone, First off thanks for everyone's awesome-ness here. The sense of community is fantastic!

OK, so my mother-in-law just visited and she taught me how to knit and I'm hooked... I've made a whole scarf and I'm working on a baby blanket that's 78 stitches's like a mountain for me

So here is my question, my birthday is coming up and I've seen talk about interchangeable needles and they're an investment but I wouldn't mind getting something awesome as an investment piece...I've seen the Denise ones which seem standard and then there are these Bamboo ones (which seem to be the Ferrari's of needles)

What would you suggest?
What other kind of cool knitting stuff can I ask for...I feel like a little kid!!!! It's great!
Thanks for your input!
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