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Gauge, dp needles, circular, ack! Hat Help!!
Ok, I understand the concept of gauge, but in my short (four month) time as a knitting freak, I've never bothered to check gauge because I was only making a scarf, and who cares? Right?

Well, I want to try my first "garment," a hat. I got great yarn and dp needles and thought I was ready to go. It turns out that I'm a dummy and bought SIZE 1 straight needles. What was I thinking? Well, the store (I'm in Bogotá, Colombia right now...) only had sizes 0, 1 and HUGE. I knew the huge wouldn't work, so I thought the 1s would be something I could adapt to. Well...They are too small for me to even hold!

So I thought, well I'll do it on a circular needle. Well, the more appropriately sized one (3.5 mm) is too long, and the one that seems to be the right length is more like 7 mm. The pattern calls for size 7 (anyone know what that is in mm?) or whatever you need to achieve the gauge (hence the gauge part of this question). The gauge should be 5 = 1 inch stockinette stitch.

Can I just throw up my hands and try the pattern on the 7 mm circular? do I have to haave dp needles? Can you fudge dp needles and just use three straight needles together?

Ridiculous questions, I'm sure, but I don't want to go back to the store (involves taxis and much hassle--I can't just jump into the car and buzz over to my cute neighborhood yard store.)

Thanks for any suggestions / advice!!

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