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Gosh, that was quick! Thanks!!
The 3.5 mm circular is about (I have to measure it w/ a ruler; the package said nothing about length on it) 76 centimeters. The 7 mm circular is about 60 centimeters. I realized that I made another boo-boo. The yarn I bought is lovely and soft but I don't think it's the "size" yarn that the pattern calls for. It's quite thin and delicate.

I watched the Magic Loop video and feel a bit intimidated at the thought. But I haven't tried it, and I always learn better by trying it along w/ the video. So maybe that's an option. How long does the wire have to be to do ML? I don't remember the video saying (but that must be my memory; I'll go look after I post this.

Thanks to for the alternative pattern! maybe I should just try that one.

Thanks again!! I'll let you know what I end up trying.

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