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Originally Posted by luv2knit View Post
What a great ministry, I would love to start one at my church, but first I have to get people interest in knitting beside me! :thinking:

I know what you mean about homespun, it's not my favorite yarn either. I have a blanket that I am working on my for my DD, and I took with my this past weekend so I could work on it. (It's from the Lion Brand Website the Country Cousins Blanket that I am making larger with more squares.) I didn't get very far! It's really not that hard, only squares in garter stitch!

Good for you getting your shawl done!

Hi! I'm working on that same blanket--the country cousins one. I let my son choose the colors (he picked blue, red, and white, the colors of the French flag). Since I'm abroad right now I couldn't get great yarn, so it's not going to turn out as soft as it looks in the picture. It is a bit tiresome to keep up the garter stitch square after square after square after.....

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