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Shandeh, your shawl is BEAUTIFUL!!!

I've learned to "tolerate" Homespun because I really like the way the colors blend together, and I've used it for prayer shawls (I do these on my own). When I use the Homespun, I will only do garter stitch because the boucle of the yarn doesn't show much off in the way of fancier stitches, but honestly, it's gotten a bit boring for me to do just plain garter stitch prayer shawls, so I've done feather and fan (which is a very easy pattern to work with while you're concentrating on the prayer aspect), as well as the "trinity stitch" (this and this are examples) using a worsted weight yarn and slightly larger needles for a lacier effect between the bobbles, as well as a small garter stitch border along the sides and bottom. It really turned out nice, and it was a fun knit. For those that don't really want to knit row after row of plain garter stitch, perhaps either of those two patterns could be possible (easy!) alternatives to a garter stitch shawl if you wanted to continue to make prayer shawls?
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