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PBS Craft in America series
If you are in the US- check your PBS station for the series Craft in America!! The first installment is on NOW (8pm) and it is all about the importance of hand crafts of all kinds in American culture. The part I just saw was an amazing segment all about basket weaving- both of the African tradition, and Native American tradition.

“In craft we see the essence of the American Experience in all its amazing, wide-screen variety: from Eastern shipwrights to Navajo weavers; from those who work with needles to those who work with sledgehammers, from saddlemakers and banjo-builders to the potter who’s ‘always praying over the kiln’.” – Gilbert Grosvenor, chairman, National Geographic Society
We have always had a deep sense of longing for the handmade. Perhaps because each of us, in our own way, has had a craft experience. Sometimes it’s an object passed down to us, or one that crosses our path, and connects us to others in traditions, heritage and rituals. You’ve begun your understanding and appreciation with our tv series. Now go further with the other elements of this comprehensive journey. Welcome.
From PBS Website.

worth exploring!!
did I say one project at a time?

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