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Hi folks!

I've beem knitting for a couple of months now. Which is to say, I've got a few wonky rectangles made, including a huge blue one that is supposed to be a shawl. When you hold it up to the window the yarnovers, er, that aren't supposed to be there, twinkle like stars in the night sky! Let's not even discuss the puckering on one side. Makes it fit nicely on my shoulders!

But that's ok, because I learned a lot. My latest project, the first from an actual pattern (as opposed to Make garter stitch for umpteen rows, BO) is the MDK warshrag. Sure, it's not very complex, but it took me an hour to find out how to do a yarn forward!!! And I found the answer here! Of course, it's full of errors and has lots of wonky bits, but I'm proud of it, and working on another one, like a crack fiend who can't get enough!

So thanks, all! I'm very happy to be here!
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